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We came and we conquered!! The Annual Lake Clean-Up was held on Saturday, June 8 and it was a huge success. Read on for more details and to see some amazing photos and video footage captured by 2024 Doug Odell Scholarship recipient Bradley Burnette.

It was a beautiful day on the lake and a sight to behold to see dozens of boats bringing in loads of trash, floating debris and 20 derelict docks, apparantly abandoned. Most unusual item brought in? An intact, sunken boat, complete with it’s motor still attached!

Our appreciation lunch at Happ’s Place was a fun occasion and prizes were awarded for:

  1. Most Unusual item brought in
  2. Most trips to bring in debris
  3. Most dock floats brought in

Many thanks to Bryan Simon for providing his expertise with his crane to pull the mess out, our Sponsors Mountain View Marina, Signal Ridge Marina, Ingles, Zollers, Happs Place, Mountain Man Caves, The Farmers Market, Landmark Real Estate, Duke Energy, who had personnel on site as well as providing dumpsters to dispose of the collected trash, Mountaintop Lake Club who provided 2 young, strong dock hands who were awesome, and Glenville Sawmill for providing goods and services that helped make this event a success!

Below are just some of the highlights from the day. A very special thanks to Bradley Burnette, one of this year's Doug Odell Scholarship recipients, who prodouced the amazing video!


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