Impassioned advocates working to ensure the continued beauty, integrity, safety and survival of Lake Glenville

Visionary in its design, this plan furthers our mission to protect and preserve the lake while also providing a roadmap for moving forward, guiding FLG toward a future where our work is proactive rather than reactive.

The Vision

Developed in partnership between FLG and Equinox Environmental, the Lake Glenville Watershed Management Plan provides a detailed template for preserving, enhancing, and maintaining the contributing watershed of Lake Glenville. It also addresses current issues and provides a plan to respond to future changes. The StoryMap is meant to be a guide for future members of Friends of Lake Glenville (also known as FLG), as well as residents and lake users. It provides detailed management actions that can be utilized by stakeholders including, but not limited to, Duke Energy, NC Wildlife Resources Commission, and Jackson County. This comprehensive management plan will ensure that Friends of Lake Glenville has the tools to protect and support the natural environment of the contributing watershed to ensure the lake remains healthy and thriving far into the future.

Our Goals

  • Preserve clarity and quality of the water in Lake Glenville Guide activities, investments, and actions concerning the lake and surrounding watershed
  • Educate landowners, lake users, and the public about the best practices of watershed management
  • Provide a tool to work with key stakeholders on achieving the FLG mission to protect, preserve and educate about Lake Glenville

To visit the Lake Glenville Watershed Management Plan website and see the Plan in its entirety, click the button below.


View the Lake Glenville Watershed Management Plan

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