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Water Quality Reports

Water Quality Reports of Lake Glenville are currently provided on a quarterly basis courtesy of Equniox Environmental. Other reporting is conducted by FLG members and volunteers.

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FLG to Partner with Equinox Environmental for Ongoing Water Quality Program as of October 1, 2020

This year has had its challenges for all of us, including Friends of Lake Glenville and our ongoing Water Quality Program.

Earlier this year, Western Carolina University informed us that, due to the impact of Covid-19 on staffing and resources, they would not be renewing our agreement to provide water testing, analysis, and reporting services. We would like to thank Dr. Kimberly Hall and WCU for the excellent work they've done over the past three years.

As an alternative, Dr. Hall recommended we contact Equinox Environmental, an Asheville-based company with commercial capabilities and the experience to meet our needs. For the past few months, FLG has worked with Equinox to define a scope of services to meet both our current and future needs, as we look forward to expanding our program. Please see the official statement below for details of our agreement with Equinox.

On October 1st, 2020, Friends of Lake Glenville has reached an agreement with Equinox to provide testing, analysis and reporting to support FLG's ongoing Water Quality Program. As part of this agreement, Equinox will:

  • Perform testing on the six (6) major streams and creeks that are tributaries into Lake Glenville
  • Provide analysis of the water testing results with comparisons to prior tests and trend analysis for more than ten (10) key parameters traditionally used to determine water quality
  • Compare results to established water quality standards.
  • Provide analysis and reporting on data collected from Lake Glenville using a multiparameter Sonde device.

With this partnership we can continue to be proactive in monitoring the water quality of Lake Glenville, as well as the water coming from streams and creeks that provide input to the lake. The Friends of Lake Glenville are very pleased to be able to work with a company that has the reputation and experience that Equinox has. They have worked on many key waterway projects and bring a wealth of experience and capability to our Water Quality Program. This agreement enables Friends of Lake Glenville to continue to build our program, provide more in-depth analysis and reporting and support our charter to "Preserve and Protect Lake Glenville".

About Equinox: Equinox is a consulting, planning, and design firm with a focus on conservation, sustainability, and environmentally responsible land development projects. Based in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina, they serve communities throughout the Southeast and are known for work in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Clients include a wide range of private, public, and nonprofit entities, as well as individual landowners. Equinox is a trusted partner and regional leader in design, planning, ecology, and sustainability projects. As a result, the firm has received numerous honors and awards. You can learn more about Equinox at

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