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Water Quality Reports

Water Quality Reports of Lake Glenville are currently provided on a quarterly basis courtesy of Equniox Environmental. Other reporting is conducted by FLG members and volunteers.

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Duke Energy has scheduled FERC required spillway gate testing at the Thorpe Dam on Dec. 5, 2023. The spillway gate testing will only take one day. The testing requires Lake Glenville to be lowered 2-3 feet below the normal target of 90.0 ft. Lowering the lake down to 87.0 – 88.0 ft allows the lake to be below the bottom of the spillway gate and performing a ‘full open’ test without passing any water down the bypass reach.

The following message has been posted on the web/mobile app:
Starting Nov. 1, Lake Glenville will be gradually lowered to perform maintenance on the spillway gates. The lake is expected to be 2-3 feet below the normal target elevation of 90.0 ft (87.0 - 88.0 ft local datum) by Dec. 5. The lake will be maintained at this level for one day before beginning to rise again. The time required to refill the lake will depend on weather conditions and river inflows. During the drawdown, the Powerhouse Access Area boat ramps will remain in-service while the Pine Creek ramps may become too shallow for use by some boats. Duke Energy will provide updates if the schedule changes significantly. As always, please stay alert to changing weather conditions. For information on current lake levels and conditions, please, call 800.829.5253, or the Duke Energy Lake View mobile app.

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