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Water Quality Reports

Water Quality Reports of Lake Glenville are currently provided on a quarterly basis courtesy of Equniox Environmental. Other reporting is conducted by FLG members and volunteers.

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The year ended with some good old-fashioned fun as we sponsored our first-ever float in the annual Cashiers Christmas Parade, held on Saturday, December 3, 2022. Spearheaded by Board Member Lesley Howard, our entry stood out in the crowd for being the only pontoon boat in the parade!

Joining Lesley were volunteers who carried our newly designed banner showcasing our mission statement and website address to increase awareness in the larger community beyond Glenville.

Everyone wore lifejackets, underscoring our safety message, and President Ray Jimison, Captain Mark Wise, and additional volunteers of both the human and canine variety rode as passengers. They threw Swedish ‘Fish’ and ‘Lifesavers’ to the bystanders while several people walked along handing out FLG cards describing ‘What we Do’. Our goal was to create greater exposure so that more residents and visitors get to know FLG and we hope to welcome them in the future as new members, sponsors, and volunteers!

Check out some of the images from the parade below!

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