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Community Notice: Thorpe Dam Spillway Gate Testing

Duke Energy has issued the following community notice regarding spillway gate testing at Thorpe Dam. The testing will take place over a two-week period starting Wednesday, December 1, 2021.

Though the flow from the spillway gate will not be a continuous flow, there's a potential for higher-than-normal flows during this period. There will be flow at different intervals and exact times cannot be determined. The spillway gate siren will be sounded upon each opening.

Lake Glenville is lower than the Normal Target Elevation to test the spillway gates. The lake is expected to be down between 88.0 and 88.5 feet on Dec. 1 and for approximately two weeks. The releases from the dam into the bypassed reach during the spillway gate testing could occur at different intervals and are not designed as a recreation release. WARNING: high flows and the natural environment of the bypassed reach can create dangerous conditions. Fishermen should be alert to rapidly changing flow and dangerous conditions. For information on current lake levels and conditions, please visit, call 800.829.5253, or the Duke Energy Lake View mobile app.