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In an effort to streamline the process, provide accurate and timely information to our participating venues, and ensure the best experience possible for all attendees, registration for all FLG Member Events* will take place online and must be completed in advance of the actual event. We are unfortunately no longer able to take walk-up attendees. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding and look forward to seeing you on the Lake!

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Community Service


2024 Annual Lake Glenville Clean-Up

06-08-2024 9:00 am -12:00 pm
FOLG SliderImage 01 2023 LakeCleanUp

It's all hands on deck for our annual community-wide lake clean-up! Get your boat or jet ski out and bring us any mandmade debris you can pick up or drag to the Pine Creek Ramp where volunteers will pull it in for disposal. Make sure to read the safety guidelines here on our website, too!

Please note: You do not need to be an FLG member to participate, but we'd sure love it if you'd join!

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