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New Water Quality Report Released - Q4 2019

Chemical and microbial analysis of water samples collected at Lake Glenville area sites helps to characterize water quality in relation to potential sources of water pollution. Overall water quality, as evidenced by data collected on December 5, 2019, is acceptable but there is evidence to suggest the influence of soil erosion on nutrient concentrations. Nitrate concentrations increased from September 2019 to December 2019, and orthophosphate and ammonia concentrations decreased in the same time period. Additionally, E. coli concentrations in Pine Creek were observed to be within regulatory standards. The next quarterly monitoring event will take place in February 2020. Results from that monitoring event will be evaluated individually and in relation to the results presented in this report to evaluate temporal changes in water quality and evaluate sources of pollution.


Notice: Lake Levels (Issued 11/07/19)

Tuckasegee Lake requires a three-foot drawdown to perform maintenance on the intake. The lake level will be down approximately one week, but will have no impact on minimum flow. From Dec. 9 to Dec. 30, 2019, Lake Glenville will be lowered to perform maintenance on the spillway gates. This work will require the lake to be lowered 3 feet below the Normal Target Elevation. During this drawdown, the Powerhouse Access Area boat ramps will remain in-service while the Pine Creek ramps may become too shallow for use by some boats. The duration of the drawdown and the time required to refill the lake will depend on weather conditions and river inflows. Duke Energy will provide updates if the schedule changes significantly. For information on current lake levels and conditions, please visit, download the Duke Energy Lake View mobile app or call 800.829.5253.

FLG 2019: The Year in Review

2019 has been a great year for Friends of Lake Glenville, filled with many accomplishments, social activities, and fun on one of the most beautiful and pristine lakes in the country!

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Changing of the Guard: A Letter from FLG President David Leach

Dear Valued Members of FLG,

As previously communicated to you, there are some changes to the FLG Board for this coming year. The Members of FLG were informed by the President in an email on October 20th, 2018, of the formation of a Board Nominating Committee whose task it was to select a Slate of Directors to be presented to the Membership at the Annual Meeting on August 3, 2019. This slate would serve for 2019 and beyond, as determined by the By-Laws. The details can be found in the attachment entitled New Slate of Board Members, Responsibilities, and Terms.

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Record Number of Volunteers & Trash Haulage as FLG Cleans Up Lake Glenville

Friends of Lake Glenville held our annual Lake Clean-Up this past Saturday, June 22nd. We had a record attendance of 15 boats and over 75 participants. Debris drop-off was at the Pine Creek Access Area and was an exciting area for observers.

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