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PSA: Lake Levels After the Rains & Annual Lake Clean-Up

Many members have asked questions about the very high lake levels that have resulted from the recent heavy rainfall. Our liaisons at Duke have provided the following explanation of how the lake and dam are being managed:

“Considerations for gate releases include amount of rainfall, current lake level (lower winter targets versus higher summer targets) and the rate of lake level rise. During high inflow events, Duke Energy operates the Thorpe Hydro Station around the clock at full capacity.  There have been many times the lake level has risen above the normal maximum elevation and returned to its normal operating range without making a gate release.  However, when the normal operation of the hydro station can’t prevent the lake level from rising, a flood gate must be opened to help return the lake level to its normal operating level.

Prior to Subtropical Storm Alberto, Duke Energy was already operating the Thorpe Hydro station continuously from the previous rainfall event.  The summer target for Lake Glenville is 97.0 ft and the lake level only got down to 98.5 ft before the arrival of Alberto.  With Lake Glenville’s lake level already high, the rainfall from Alberto created too much inflow and a flood gate had to be opened to manage the reservoir.”

Drone footage shows the mighty power of the water being released through the flood gates-incredible sight!

The Lake Needs Your Help!!!

The rains have caused a LOT of debris to be washed into the lake and up on the shores. Our Annual FLG Lake Clean-Up is this Saturday, June 9th, and we need all hands on deck! Please sign-up here on our website to let us know you're coming. And if you have it in your heart to volunteer, you can make those choices here as well! We really do hope to see you on the lake!

WHAT: FLG's Annual Lake Clean-Up
WHEN: Saturday, June 9, 2018; 9am - 1pm
WHERE: On the Lake!