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President’s Report: FLG 2017 Summer Season in Review

Though the end of summer blew in on hurricane winds, Friends of Lake Glenville experienced a most successful 2017 season. Here are just a few highlights.

FLG 2017 YearInReview

Our Board

We’d like to thank those FLG Board Members who rotated off this year and welcome both new and continuing members who will serve the FLG community in 2018 and beyond. Our gratitude goes to Gary Wright, who is retiring this year. Lynn Leach, George Dalzell and Howard Austin will be extending their 3-year terms. We also extend our warmest welcome to Richard Tyre, who joins as the board member overseeing FLG’s Policy & Legislation and Fish & Wildlife initiatives, and to Angie Tyre, who will serve as Secretary.

Membership Growth & Engagement

We were pleased to implement some new features for our membership, including a revamped website with robust member management and events calendar. As a result, membership was up 51% over last year and our cocktail parties and breakfast socials were well-attended across the board.

Social Media

FLG got social this year! Our Facebook page is alive and well, and has been a great outlet for sharing member photos, happenings on the lake, and more. If you haven’t already, like us today at

Publicity & Press Coverage

In addition to FaceBook, the club also garnered a lot of good press in the Crossroads Chronicle, highlighting our efforts to clean up the lake and our unique Fish Attractors program.

Fish Attractors & Lake Restocking

We submerged 20 new Fish Attractors and are gearing up to stock the lake with both Brown Trout and more Walleye this Fall.

Lake Clean-Up & Water Quality

This past June saw the re-introduction of a community-wide Lake Clean-Up Event. Read the recap here. We also launched a partnership with Western Carolina University to perform quarterly water tests on the lake water. More details on that program are available here.

Our Sponsors

Our success is only possible through the magnanimity of our membership and the generosity of our Community Sponsors, who donate both their time, expertise and money to ensuring every FLG initiative and event is supported and successful.

We owe a lot to our perennial sponsors: Landmark Realty, Hattler Properties, Signal Ridge Marina, Trillium Links & Lake Club and Mountaintop.

We’d also like to thank our new sponsors who came on board this year: Bryson Trucking, Mountain View Marine, and Lakeshore Marina, as well as the Stillpoint, Sunset Cove, Cedar Point, South Knob and Wood Mountain HOAs.

We also greatly benefitted from the kindness of our 22 Member Sponsors and 6 Non-Member Sponsors. We are truly grateful.

In Closing…

Just because the summer is over doesn’t mean that FLG is idle. During the winter months, we’ll continue many of our initiatives and work to set the club up for another, even more successful 2018 season.

Watch this space for periodic updates and information on our 2018 Membership Drive when that kicks off in February.

We’ll see you on the Lake in 2018!

David Leach