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In the Spotlight: Lake Glenville's Eagle Family

Have you seen our eagle family while out on the lake? Mom and Dad have been frequently seen the past couple of years but this year they added an eaglet to their family - SO exciting! Here are just a few facts about eagles so you can get to know our newest FLG family!

20620945 1968544850090462 4324917395085951695 nEagles mate for life. They only take another mate if one of them dies

The ladies live large! The female is visually larger than her mate

They grow quickly but go gray slowly! Eaglets attain adult size very quickly but don't develop their white feathers until they are 4-5 years of age. If you see our Lake Glenville eaglet, he appears very dark brown in color, almost black

Ours are home bodies! Most eagles fly north for the summer but it appears as though our eagles stay around. They generally mate and lay their egg/eggs in winter/early spring

• Favorite food??? Most definitely one of our abundant lake fish. If you are lucky you may see one of the eagles swoop down and catch one, then take it up into a tree to enjoy! Watch for noisy groups of crows-they usually gather close to where an eagle has landed with a fish, hoping for leftovers

A special thanks to former FLG Board member Larry Lively for this wonderful picture of one of our Lake Glenvile Eagles! Additional photos below are courtesy of FLG Member Chuck Gunder.

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