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FLG Partners with WCU for Lake Water Testing

Friends of Lake Glenville’s Water Quality program is one of our organization’s key and most important elements of our mission. The program currently has three major parts: stream or in-flow water testing, lake sedimentation measurement and lake water testing.

This year, we are pleased to announce we have entered into a partnership with Western Carolina University (WCU) to take a more modern and scientific approach to lake water testing.

A Brief History

Water quality testing of streams entering Lake Glenville began in the 1990’s with macroinvertebrate testing that suggested generally healthy streams.

In 2000, quantitative testing of the inflowing streams was begun, as part of the VWIN program in Western North Carolina.  Testing included nitrogen, phosphates, heavy metals including copper, zinc, and iron, sedimentation, and acidity (pH).  The heavy metal testing was ended in the mid 2000’s after low levels were consistently seen.

Due to budget cuts, the VWIN program ended in 2012 and transitioned into EQI, testing the same parameters.


In early 2017, a long sought collaboration between Western Carolina University (WCU) and FLG was begun. Under this partnership, WCU collects and tests the lake water and provides us with a more informed scientific evaluation of the results. These quarterly reports can be found here on our website.