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Water Quality Report: June 2022

On June 1, 2022, water quality sampling occurred at six(6) sites within the Lake Glenville watershed.

All sites were located as close as possible to sites sampled in previous monitoring years, however the location for the Glenville Creek sample had to be changed due to the high water level at the regular site. The sample location on Glenville Creek was moved upstream to where Hwy. 107 crosses the stream. The 06/01/22 sampling was a dry weather sampling, however the area around the lake had received 0.63 inches of rain from 05/26/22 – 05/27/22 (Figure 1). Previous sampling was conducted with less than 0.1" precipitation amounts for the preceding week. The suite of parameters sampled included water temperature, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, specific conductivity, turbidity, fecal coliform, ammonia, nitrite/nitrate, phosphate, and alkalinity. Overall, the water quality at the six tributaries to Lake Glenville as observed on 06/01/22 and indicated by these parameters was very good.