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Support FLG's mission and initiatives by becoming a Sponsor of one of our events or programming opportunities.

How is a Sponsor Different from a Member?

Whereas Members are individuals or families who pay annual dues, a Sponsor is generally a business or company that wishes to give financial support to FLG in the organization’s name. Members can also choose to be Sponsors by contributing additional funds beyond annual membership dues to specific events or initiatives.

How is Sponsorship Money Allocated?

Sponsors can give contributions to the general fund, where they are allocated at the board’s discretion, or they can be directed specifically for use towards a specific event, such as the annual fireworks display, the Fish Attractors or Fish Stocking programs, etc.

What Do Sponsors Receive in Return?

All Sponsors will be recognized for their contribution on our website and in printed materials, as well as publicly recognized at relevant FLG events.





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